About goodwebfonts.com

Rule 1

Honor the reader.

Rule 2

Honor the content.

Rule 3

Choose a web font that helps you do both.

About the Site

GoodWebFonts.com started in early 2010 as a resource for my web typog­ra­phy stu­dents. The quick­est way to con­nect them with good web fonts was to think “free.” Google web fonts wasn’t up and run­ning yet, so all fonts tested were from fontsquirrel.com.

Times have changed. The num­ber of fonts avail­able at google web fonts seems to grow every day, and type­kit offers a wide range of fonts for a rea­son­able yearly sub­scrip­tion plan.

So it’s time to expand this resource.

In order to post new font rec­om­men­da­tions quickly, I’ve reworked the site as a word­press blog. The child theme is held together with bub­blegum and tooth­picks, so if things go wonky, I apol­o­gize thor­oughly. It’s a learn­ing experience.

Each font has it’s own web font spec­i­men sheet (based on Tim Brown’s orig­i­nal web font spec­i­men) so you can see how the font holds up at var­i­ous sizes, styles, weights, and so on. Each spec­i­men sheet opens in a new tab so you can view and com­pare mul­ti­ple fonts.

I try and iden­tify com­mon infor­ma­tion about each font: it’s clas­si­fi­ca­tion, how many styles it has, and where I first found the font. I can’t promise that the num­ber of styles and source will remain true as time goes by, so you might need to do a lit­tle follow-up research. But I hope you find some new fonts to love.

About Me (Laura Franz)

I’m an Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor of Design in the Design Depart­ment at the Uni­ver­sity of Mass­a­chu­setts Dart­mouth. I teach a wide range of type classes, includ­ing His­tory of Let­ter­forms with an Intro­duc­tion to Type on the Page; Type as Infor­ma­tion; Type in Con­text: Print and Web; and Under­grad­u­ate Research Projects in Type­face Design. I’m also Co-coordinator of The Grad­u­ate Cer­tifi­cate In Web and Inter­ac­tion Design at UMass Dart­mouth, in which I teach a Web Typog­ra­phy class.

I present lec­tures and work­shops on Typo­graphic Web Design, my book “Typo­graphic Web Design: How to Think Like a Typog­ra­pher in HTML and CSS was pub­lished by Wiley in late 2011, I’ve writ­ten a course (Typog­ra­phy for Web Design­ers) for Lynda.com, and I’ve started writ­ing for SmashingMagazine.com.

Through it all, I’m inspired by my stu­dents, and am par­tic­u­larly inter­ested in how we teach future typog­ra­phers the art and respon­si­bil­i­ties of our craft.

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