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Minion Pro


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An old style font by Robert Slim­bach, Min­ion Pro was orig­i­nally designed for print. It is part of the Adobe Orig­i­nals series.

Min­ion Pro feels “old” and pen-formed. It has a smaller x-height than Geor­gia, small closed coun­ters on the let­ters a and e, and rel­a­tively small aper­tures. Thus it needs to be set larger to retain read­abil­ity. Min­ion Pro is my favorite print font, and I didn’t expect it to work so well on screen (I usu­ally pre­fer web fonts with a larger x-height and aper­ture). I was pleas­antly surprised.

Min­ion Pro comes in 8 styles, includ­ing a beau­ti­ful semi-bold, which cre­ates hier­ar­chy with­out get­ting too heavy on screen. Even though it was orig­i­nally designed for print, Min­ion Pro is well hinted and tests well across browsers. It gets a lit­tle light on Fire­fox, Chrome, and Opera on Win­dows XP, but is still leg­i­ble if set at a gen­er­ous size. The whole fam­ily is avail­able on Type­kit.

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