PT Serif


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A serif font designed by Alexan­dra Korolkova, Olga Umpel­eva, and Vladimir Yefi­mov and released by ParaType in 2010.

PT Serif is pri­mar­ily a Tran­si­tional font; it feels more “ide­al­ized” than “writ­ten.” It has more con­trast between thick and thin strokes than you’ll see in an Old Style font, and it has a ver­ti­cal stress. Ter­mi­nals and ser­ifs feel more styl­ized than pen-formed.

PT Serif has a slightly larger x-height than Geor­gia, and holds up well at smaller sizes. It also pairs beau­ti­fully with its com­pan­ion font, PT Sans.

PT Serif holds up beau­ti­fully across browsers. It has the usual four styles and weights, and is avail­able via Google Web­fonts, Type­kit, and FontSquir­rel.

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