Serif 6 Beta


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serif 6 beta exampleA font by Chris­t­ian Robert­son (Betatype). Serif 6 Beta is part of a larger fam­ily of fonts called Serif Beta.

Serif 6 Beta has slightly heav­ier strokes than the rest of the fam­ily. Though it is heav­ier than most tran­si­tional fonts, and has rel­a­tively small closed coun­ter­forms on the a and e, its ter­mi­nals, ser­ifs, stress, and bowls feel more tran­si­tional than old style. Serif 6 Beta feels more “ide­al­ized” than “writ­ten.” It has a slightly larger x-height than Georgia.

Serif 6 beta comes in reg­u­lar, italic, bold, and bold italic. It tests well across browsers, though there are some let­terspac­ing issues in Safari on Win­dows XP. The whole fam­ily is avail­able for free down­load at Betatype.

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