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myndraine exampleA sans serif font by Christo­pher Miller, I cat­e­go­rize Myn­draine as a “hand­writ­ing” font, because it feels more hand­writ­ten than most other fonts.

Find­ing a casual, per­sonal, not-too-quirky font like Myn­draine is not easy. So while there are some issues — minor let­terspac­ing prob­lems on Win­dows XP (Safari 5, IE8, IE7) at 12px and smaller, and tops of let­ters get­ting “chopped off” when set at 16px and 11px (cross browser) — I still rec­om­mend this font. If you work within these spe­cific prob­lems, this font could serve you well.

Myn­draine has a large x-height, but due to quirky bowls and shoul­ders is more lively and leg­i­ble at 14px and larger. It’s avail­able for free down­load at

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