Utopia Standard


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A tran­si­tional font by Robert Slim­bach, Utopia was orig­i­nally designed for print. It is part of the Adobe Orig­i­nals series.

Utopia has a ver­ti­cal stress and sig­nif­i­cant con­trast between thick and thin strokes. The strong ver­ti­cal strokes and the slightly square bowl give the font a “square” feel­ing when used for text. It has a sim­i­lar x-height and aper­tures to Geor­gia. Utopia’s let­terspac­ing is slightly tighter, so I per­son­ally find it eas­ier to read at larger sizes.

Utopia comes in 6 styles. Even though it was orig­i­nally designed for print, Utopia is well hinted and tests well across browsers. The fam­ily is avail­able on Type­kit.

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